Safety First!

by The Safety Collective

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Debut DIY EP by Hamilton's eclectic rock band. Recorded independently in a living room in East Hamilton, November 2012.


released November 10, 2012

Stephen Hanson - Vocals, Guitar (Tracks 1, 2, 3), Bass (Track 4), Songwriter (Tracks 1, 2, 3)
Chris Turner - Vocals, Guitar (Track 4) Bass (Tracks 1, 2, 3)
Campbell Young - Drums, Songwriter (Track 4)

Recorded November 9, 10 & 11 at The Science Lab in Hamilton, engineered by Chris Turner & Steve Hanson and produced by Steve Hanson,



all rights reserved


The Safety Collective Hamilton, Ontario

An eclectic rock band with the aim to make bars & night clubs safer spaces to party.
The Safety Collective has performed over 15 times, including performances at This Ain't Hollywood, Open To The Core, Open Streets 2011 & 2012, and The Doors Pub.
Chris & Steve both sing & share guitar/bass duties. Cam drums. All three contribute lyrics. Some songs are written collaboratively & others separately.
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Track Name: Sticky Fingers
So you’re all alone on Valentines Day
You never seem to be able to get a date
Palmala Handerson is your only piece
But it gets boring to say the least
You’ve tried the KY; you’ve tried the toys
And this song’s written for all you girls and boys

Who have got; sticky fingers!
Who have got; sticky fingers!
Who have got; sticky fingers!
Who have got; sticky fingers!
All night!

It’s been like this, all your life
Only spouse was in grade nine
Probably won’t get a husband or wife?
Tried Blind Date, tried Lava Life

But you still got
Sticky Fingers
You still got
Sticky Fingers
You still got
Sticky Fingers
All Night

Is it cause your personality
Do you need plastic surgery?
Do you need to meet someone like you?
To escape this wretched blues

Cause you got
Sticky Fingers
Sticky Fingers
All Night

So you met someone the other day
The liked you so much they agreed to a date
A few dates later, you got laid
Now you're singing different tunes today.

Now you got stinky fingers
Now you got stinky fingers
Now you got stinky fingers
Now you got stinky fingers
All night!

It helps you feel alright!
Track Name: Pint Of Perspective
My pint glass is full and my perspective much fuller
The drink may corrode me like a ship in sea water
But in moderation it will help carry me over
This ocean of emotions they are turbulent waters

But I know I must set sail
And leave lovers rock
For the island where wonderers
Occasionally meet up

The boat, it docked at a pier in a foreign bay
And it may be here now but it's not here to stay
I know I'm not an island I am tied to a larger land
For I am connected to all whom I know and befriend

And I lean on them
As I would let them lean on me
And it is this mutual aid
Which fosters our communities
Track Name: Innocent Until Proven Guilty
When I get the pipe it always wants to be smoked
So I put it to my lips and take a big toke
Just chilling with a friend after school getting high
Not doing any harm, just having a good time

I’m innocent until proven guilty

Cops on people’s backs for a quarter or a dime
To me it’s just change, but to them a bad sign
Banning it allows a black market to exist
For this herb that’s the virtually harmless

It’s a bullshit law, doesn’t make sense
When at the same time you can buy cigarettes
So break the law, be happy and free
Cause your innocent until proven guilty

Eat a brownie if you don’t wanna cake the lungs
But no matter how you do it, it’s always good fun
Acting on receptors in your brain, and insides
Cannabinoids in your body before your first time
And I know this in my head every time I spark it up
I just smoke it peacefully don’t worry about the cops

Cause I’m innocent until proven guilty
Yeah, I’m innocent until proven guilty

Why do you want to try to dominate my life?
You say I have freedom of choice then you take away that right
If pot is such a dangerous drug than ban all booze and butts
But if you aren’t prepared to then let me smoke my blunts
Track Name: Heated Garage
Ran into buddies from the old neighbourhood
Started drinking in a heated garage
We were steeped in grease and machines and old memories

The back-and-forth that we had was pure jokes
The factory owns us but they can't steal our soul
We were steeped in grease  and machines and old memories

Two of the four buddies left the garage
One was too drunk, the other had shit to do
You told me that you were a white supremacist

We started arguing, you fed me more beer
And then I found out why the beer was free
When you leaned in and tried to make out with me

I'm not a homophobe but that shit was weird
I'd be the first to stand up for a queer
Unless they are a fascist or a racist